A garden cemetery of N Edinburgh, Warriston lies on the north bank of the Water of Leith, a mile (1.5 km) north of the city centre.  Opened by the Edinburgh Cemetery Company in 1843, Warriston was the model for several new garden cemeteries which opened in the city in the 1840s. It occupies a sloping site and was once divided by the Edinburgh and Leith Railway, of which only the embankment and a fine Gothic bridge remain. The work of local architect David Cousin (1809-78), the design owes much to that of the Kensal Green Cemetery in London; a line of extensive vaults (or catacombs) occupies the centre of the site, while a fine mortuary chapel, intended for use by the Edinburgh Episcopalian community, has subsequently been removed.

  Warriston Cemetery is the last resting place of the painters Robert Scott Lauder (1803-69) and Horatio McCulloch (1805-67), news agent John Menzies (1808-79), astronomer Sir William Peck (1862 - 1925), sculptor John Rhind (1828-92) and surgeon Sir James Young Simpson (1811-70).

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