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Welcome to Rest in Pixels.

My passion in life is teaching Art and photographing historic cemeteries. Browse through these pages and follow me on my photographic journey through the cemeteries of the Scotland, Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. Enjoy!

The photographic images you are viewing on this site are digital. The traditional process usually involves a chemical based developing and printing combination on specially prepared light sensitive paper. That all has changed. Digital photography has descended upon us so quickly and dispersed throughout the masses at such a rapid pace that everyone now has the resources to take sharp, high resolution, colour saturated, value balanced, and compositionally cropped visual images. Imagine everyone now has the ability to be an Alfred Stieglitz, Cecil Benton, Lord Snowdon, or Ansel Adams. Or do they?

The essential elements required in producing strong visual images are: content, craftsmanship, and creativity. The understanding of these basics creates the structure for a successful work. For many years I worked in traditional mediums: paint, watercolour, printmaking, and sculpture. My priority was to find an image that had a vision, my voice. The mediums are only tools to allow that voice to be heard more clearly. Digital photography is the newest of the mediums I now work with.  In the past ten years I have found a strong visual voice in my time visiting Scotland. My visits to the Orkney Islands, the Highlands, the urban experience of Edinburgh and Glasgow, have presented me with stunning landscapes filled with light, colour, texture, and spirit. The goal of this body of work was to capture that spirit.

The images displayed here have a lean towards seeking out basic geometric forms. The objects speak more of detail than the “Big Picture”. I am fascinated with organic and fluid images juxtaposed to man-made structures pop that create visual tension. Images like the weather worn grave monuments in Warriston Cemetery speak of the power of the natural elements wearing down upon man and his made objects. They remind us of the fragile nature of our existence and the temporary nature of the objects we place in our environment.

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                See photos of the opening reception at the Central Library in Edinburgh.

                                         Click on this link: SLEEP Opening Reception

September 2013 Update:

“ Sacred to the Memory” - The Historic Cemeteries of Philadelphia - Free Library of Philadelphia

September 9th - November 1st, 2013

Reception: September 16th, 6-8 pm.

“Three Perspectives” - Philadelphia Plastic Club

March 2013 Update:

-New website for the newly formed “Friends of Warriston Cemetery”

Friends of Warriston Cemetery

  1. -New Facebook page for “Friends of Warriston Cemetery”


January 2013 Update :

June 2014 Update:

My photo (below) has been awarded 2nd place in the juried competition and will be exhibited in the 200th Anniversary Exhibition at the Athenaeum.

Stop by the reception on June 29th, 2014

July 2014 Update:

Two of my photos will be included in the Philadelphia Photography 2014 exhibit. One has received an Honorable Mention.

May - August 2015 Update:

Philly Photo Day is PPAC’s largest annual event celebrating the arts, photography and the region PPAC will also unveil 40 billboards throughout the city displaying images from Philly Photo Day 2014.  Photographs will be displayed mid May–June 2015, exact dates to be announced. The billboard portion is made possible by the support of Clear Channel Outdoor.

This is my photograph of sunrise on Bainbridge Street that was chosen to receive one of the billboards and be exhibited in Dillworth Plaza at City Hall.

2015 Update:

Art of the State


The “48th Annual Art of the State Juried Exhibition” will be showing from June 28 through September 13. Art of the State is recognized as the official, statewide juried competition for Pennsylvania artists. The exhibition showcases  the talents of 126 pieces from 122 artists. Jurors selected artwork from five categories: Craft, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Work on Paper. All works are available for online viewing. “Art of the State” is presented by Jump Street and The State Museum of Pennsylvania.

Below is the photograph that was accepted into this year’s exhibition.

Update June 2016

New publication:

Private View - Edinburgh

Published at Blurb.com

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